Parish Religious Education Programme (PREP)

In WA Religious education for Catholic children who do not attend Catholic School is provided largely in parish-based programs.

The role of PREP in the sacraments of initiation is to:

  • teach the mandated religious education program relating to the sacraments;
  • provide opportunities for catechesis;
  • provide an environment that witnesses to and teaches gospel values to students and their parents;
  • respect the primary role of parents in the faith education of their children, support them in that role and inform them about the processes for sacrament preparation and celebration available to the parish;
  • participate in the parish sacramental team as appropriate.

Parents are the primary people who share the gospels with their Children. Parents share the faith, tell the stories, take their children to Mass and pray together as family. Parents are the greatest role models.

Here at Holy Family, PREP is a support for parents, we also share the gift of the Gospel with the children so that as a faith community we may add a different perspective to the children which can only encourage them to seek a true and loving relationship with God.

Held every Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:30pm during School Terms at the Church

If you require any further information, please email at or email

Code of Behaviour for children taking part in Church activities: - The right of children to be safe is paramount and the Perth Catholic Archdiocese is committed to empowering and listening to children, young people and vulnerable individuals and their families. Children of Archdiocesan parishes must also understand the code of behaviour that guides their well-being, as outlined below.

Our parish expects that children will act respectfully to themselves, their supervisors and fellow participants. Children must accept the ground rules of activities which supervisors will clearly explain to them. Children will not have unsupervised access to the Internet when participating in our parish programs. Breaches of discipline and disruptive behaviour, including bullying, will be dealt with in a manner that is fair and transparent, by more than one Church worker. Children and their parents will be advised of the consequences for breaching the Code of Behaviour. A three-stage process will be followed: the first stage will be a verbal warning; the second stage will involve informing the child’s parents; the third stage - if the behaviour continues - the child will be asked to leave the group. The child, parents and group leaders will be involved in the consultation. Children, or their parents, who are dissatisfied with any aspect of activities or services can follow a complaints procedure; namely, to inform the leader of the program or, when appropriate, to contact one of our Parish Safeguarding Officers.

Please note:

  • the parish only accepts liability or responsibility for an incident or accident caused by the negligence or breach of statutory duty of the parish, its staff and volunteers
  • it is the responsibility of the parents to be on time when dropping off or collecting children
  • all participants must keep to the Code of Behaviour for all activities; otherwise they may be asked to discontinue their participation
  • leaders are not allowed to give participants a lift to or from activities.
  • any concerns regarding the welfare and safety of children participating in parish activities should be brought immediately to the attention of the Parish Safeguarding Officer, Parish Priest, or the statutory authorities.